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If you’re a gamer with the gift of gab, then you may have just what it takes to be a streamer for Nimo TV

The video game broadcasting platform has launched its Southeast Asian services and is presently available in Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, with multi-language support. On it, you’ll find streams of popular games like PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG), Mobile LegendsDota 2, and live online access to esports events and tournaments.

For those interested in monetising your hobby, you’ll get a base salary of US$50 when you’re starting out. Nimo TV’s payout is scaled according to the hours you’re clocking in, your views and the number of subscribers you have under your belt. On top of that, it boasts a ranking system, whereby the top hundred streamers will rake in prizes of up to US$1,000.


Rank Number of streaming days Total Hours Number of subscribers Pay (US$)
S 22 90 6,000 1,000
A 22 80 2,000 350
B 22 80 800 180
In-Training 20 60 200 50

As a base minimum, streamers will have to stream two hours per day, twenty days per month, although, cumulatively they should have clocked in more than sixty hours in that month. Penalties will be exacted on streamers who don’t make the requirement, and they’ll come in the form of pay docks.

Nimo TV is currently growing its community and engaging well-known streamers in the region, such as Singapore’s Team Flash, Indonesia’s EVOS and Philippines’ TNC, with hopes to make the streaming experience interactive and fan-friendly. And while it’s probably not for casual gamers (especially for those in school or working taxing day jobs), it sounds like a fun way to bring in some extra cash if you’re already clocking in a decent amount of time on your games every day.

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