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PUBG Mobile has just kicked off yet another event in-game dubbed the ‘King Fighter Event’. Along with some fresh challenges, the event gives a chance to the players to win an attractive looking Black Cat outfit for 10 days. The event is basically a mini-game inside PUBG Mobile, which will also give users the chance to win other exciting rewards on the way to winning the trendy outfit. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile has already kicked off the King Fighter event and it will go on until February, 27. In order to have a chance at winning, the players will need to play the mini-game and win certain missions. These missions will change every day in order to bump up the excitement. Regardless you have finished a particular mission or not, the missions will reset every day at 12 AM local time.

Steps to win PUBG Mobile King Fighter Event

Step 1: As mentioned earlier, the basic way to win the event is to complete daily missions. These missions include logging in every day, completing a match in any mode, gaining top 8 positions in Classic mode, surviving for at least 40 minutes in Classic mode and more. On completion of each task, the player will be rewarded with energy and coins. In order to gain these rewards, the players must click on “Collect” once they have completed each mission.

Step 2: Using the energy the player has collected by wining the missions they can perform three different attacks on the fighter. It is worth noting that the player will expend three different amounts of energy on each attack. Also, the effectiveness of these attacks will grow exponentially with respect to the energy spent.

As for the math behind this, an attack with 20 energy will reduce 100 points from the fighter. Similarly, 25 energy and 30 energy will reduce 400 and 800 points respectively.

How can you win Black Cat outfit in PUBG Mobile?

In order to defeat the fighter completely, the player needs to reduce a total of 10,000 points from the fighter. In the process of reducing the points, the player will be completing certain  However, there are three milestones and will win accordingly. Once the fighter is reduced to 9,600 points, the players win 10 silver, which can be used to purchase items in the shop. At 6,600 and 3,600, the user will win a paint spray can and a Classic Crate Scrap Coupon respectively. As the player hits 0 points, he will be rewarded with a Black Catsuit, which will remain in their inventory for 10 days.

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